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Hello and Welcome...


As a Licensed HeartMath Coach it is my goal to help Creative and Business Professionals reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance their lives.  


I look forward to sharing my knowledge, life experiences, and numerous tools, while together working, playing, and creating a less stressed and more present Life for You.

“With each breath comes a moment to choose. 

Let’s choose less stress” 

-Daryll Merchant

What do you want?

What's getting in your way?

What can you do about it?

  • Too many meetings?


  • Never ending emails, texts, conference calls?


  • A fear of the unknown?


  • Bringing work & it's emotions home?

Do you ever experience...

  • Being overwhelmed?


  • Not enough time... always rushing?


  • Anxiety?


  • Traffic, traffic & more traffic?


I am a Stress Reductions Specialist, Licensed HeartMath Coach, and

developer of the Affirmation Planting App.  As an award winning

executive in the advertising industry for nearly 30 years, I am known

for bringing 'Heart' to the production and creative process.


During my life’s journey I’ve experienced numerous personal family

losses, two marriages, one amazing son, traveled the world, studied

and trained with many leading teachers in the areas of self awareness,

natural health, metaphysics, and spirituality.


Over the last 15 years, studying closely with the founders of the HeartMath Instiute, I now offer several four and eight week programs of powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools and technology to help people, particularly those in the Advertising, Entertainment and Production Industries, prevent, manage and reverse the effects of stress while adding more days to their lives by showing them how to have more Moments each day.

About Me

  • Immediately reduce stress levels


  • Enhance your creativity


  • Increase your productivity


  • Improve your physical & emotional health


  • Maintain emotional clarity


  • Have more connected relationships


  • Be truly in this moment


  • Add days to your life

I will help you remember how to...


My Process

Built around my life experiences and the scientifically-validated stress reduction techniques and tools developed by HeartMath®, I offer three programs designed to show you how your physiology responds to stress. I'll help you remember and remind you how to manage your reactions to stressful situations.


Most stress reduction techniques focus on a form of physical & mental relaxation, both of which are beneficial, but this is also why most people don’t use them. They simply don’t have time to relax. The systems I share are designed to be used, and to be effective, whether you’re relaxed, in the middle of a meeting, on a conference call, stuck in traffic, about to make a presentation, or interacting with your family after a long day at work.


All programs include a free 30 to 45 minute introductory phone call where we learn a bit about each other and my process. You’ll also get to experience one of the tools before deciding if this is right for you.


  • Program A, “Accelerated” - 4 one hour weekly sessions


  • Program B, “Standard” - 4 one hour sessions, once every other week


  • Program C, “Extended” - 8 half hour sessions, once every week for eight weeks


With each program you will receive personalized instructions, a workbook to help focus on the effective integration and application of the tools to the areas of your life that will most benefit you.  You will also receive one of the award winning HeartMath® Inner Balance or emWave® tools and learn how to measure and sustain your progress at becoming aware of and shifting your emotional state reducing your stress while becoming more effective at work, home and in life. 



During our initial introductory call, we will discover which of our workbooks is best suited 

for you.  Each in its own unique way will help you discover your Heart's Intelligence.

Voyage to Heart intelligence for personal development
  • Discover what's at the heart of who you are and what you want most in your life.

  • Identify what blocks you from the life you want - your personal dreams, mission and goals.

  • Uncover and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind.

  • Improve your mental capacity and solve problems more effectively.

  • Enhance your relationships and reduce the stress that results from miscommunications.

  • Bring more creativity and out of the box thinking to your plans and projects.

During our sessions we will determine which of the 

Award Winning Heartmath Monitoring Tools is best for you.

During our sessions we will determine which of the 

Award Winning Heartmath Monitoring Tools is best for you.

I have come to learn that at the base of Reducing Stress and Living an Enhanced Life 

is Gratitude.  As a part of the program you will also receive this Free Tool and guidance on using it to allow Gratitude to be the basis and backdrop of your Life’s Journey.


Let's Connect


Let me help you access the power of your heart’s intelligence, to master your emotions, reduce stress, improve your business, and create the life you want.

Daryll J. Merchant



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